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RedSwan5 approached us with an opportunity to collaborate on building a new site for DiscoverE. DiscoverE (formerly National Engineers Week Foundation) is a non-profit who is working to strengthen and grow educational interest in engineering focussed disciplines. To further these goals, DiscoverE helps unite, mobilize, and support engineering volunteer communities focussed in engaging K-12 students.

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With their previous site showing signs of age, DiscoverE engaged RedSwan5 to help them build a modern content management system. Because we had an existing relationship with RedSwan5, they asked us to help flush out the requirements for a new DiscoverE CMS. Following discussions with both teams, it became clear that the new site had to be easily maintainable, easily extensible, and preferably be open source. After defining the high level requirements we moved on to researching and developing the solution.


  • Research and select a content management system that satisfies DiscoverE's requirements
  • Mitigate potential technical challenges caused by using an "off the shelf" solution
  • Effectively communicate engineering considerations and tradeoffs to non-technical staff
  • Help train the RedSwan5 team to "takeover" the final delivered site


Our first step was to research currently available open source content management systems. Drawing from our previous experiences and the business goal of building an extensible platform we decided that Drupal was the best platform for DiscoverE's new site. With a strong community, availability of developers, and large module library we were confident Drupal would provide a great foundation for DiscoverE's CMS.

With the platform decided, RedSwan5 iteratively developed wireframes and mockups while we provided advice on feasibility and implementation. After the mockups were complete, we worked to architect and build the Drupal site according to DiscoverE's specs. As development was wrapping up, we worked with RedSwan5 to make sure their account managers were comfortable working with the new DiscoverE site.