Valutrades is a London headquartered Forex and commodities broker with an international client base. They provide competitive pricing and a best in class online trading platform to their clients.

Valutrades approached us looking to evaluate options for building a client portal that integrated with the MetaTrader platform. Valutrades was interested in developing a web based application to satisfy "Know Your Customer" regulations, enable customer deposits, and streamline administration.

  • Due to Valutrades's global footprint they had a complex mix of regulatory and compliance requirements from several countries and dozens of agencies.
  • Valutrades wanted to deliver a fully localized and internationalized experience. Additionally, they wanted the flexibility to whitelabel the client portal so that it could be used by other brands they own.
  • Valutrades wanted to deeply integrate the client portal with other SaaS products they use, including HubSpot, so a robust API was important.

Drawing on our previous experience with MetaTrader client portals, we advised Valutrades that a custom solution would be the only way to satisfy all of their requirements. By investing in a custom solution Valutrades would be able to have full control over the client user experience, business workflows, and overall feature development.

  • Valutrades has been able to encode a complex set of regulatory rules to ensure that they're capturing and verifying the right data from each user.
  • We delivered a fully localized product with extensive white label capabilities.
  • A custom solution allowed Valutrades to take advantage of APIs to automatically ingest customer data into the client area as well push data back out to other products. This allowed the client area to benefit from other tools Valutrades was using while also making those tools more useful.

The Valutrades client portal has become an integral part of their daily operations and we continue to improve it with them today.