Case Studies

Because sometimes fact is stranger than fiction

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Client Projects

Over the years, we've worked on dozens of projects but unfortunately we can't share details about all of them. That said, here are a few that are a good cross section of the types of projects we work on. If you have questions or comments about anything discussed here we'd love to chat.

Datapoint Media

When Waltham, MA based Datapoint Media needed help building a new advertising integration we were there to help.

Achievement Loop

An awesome collaboration between us and Growth spark to help a startup build the first version of its app.


"Big Data"? No Problem. Learn about how we helped Burstworks get their log data under control.

Discover Engineering

Learn about how we helped a STEM non-profit overcome their content woes with a modern, open source CMS.

“An intellectual says a simple thing in a hard way. An artist says a hard thing in a simple way.”

Internal Projects

In addition to client work, we've built a handful of internal projects to experiment with new technology, push the envelope, and of course just have fun.

CloudWatch Autowatch

Have a bunch of unmonitored AWS resources? Autowatch will help you add CloudWatch alarms.


It's a social jukebox powered by text messages. And as an extra bonus it comes with a Chromecast integration!

Valentines Day Postcards

Physical mail is the best mail! Learn how we let our users sent Valentines day postcards.

Net Neutrality Timeline

Wondering how Net Neutrality got so complicated? Check out our timeline of legislation and litigation.


MetaForce is a middleware solution for MetaTrader4 (MT4) allowing client applications to access MT4 trade and user data.


Nothing marks a distinguished gentleman like a mustache! We raised just under $2000 for men's health.

Fanduel API Client

Level up your Fanduel game by automating...anything

HTML5 Canvas Puzzle

Ever wondered how to make a jigsaw puzzle? We did so we found out the hard way.

Taken Mad Libs

Do you have a specific set of skills to send surprisingly suspenseful mad libs? Learn how we built modern day mad libs.

AVC Word Cloud

We decided to take a look at what Fred Wilson has been blogging about on

Analyzing Black Friday Tweets

Which retailers won big on Twitter during Black Friday? We used Twitter's streaming API to find out.