It’s 2024, and software touches nearly every aspect of our daily lives. So, in order to remain competitive, almost every traditional company has started using software tools and the internet to do business. Essentially, every company is slowly evolving into a software company. So, how can you compete without a huge budget and a technical background? Well it turns out you might have a guy for that.

What we provide is access to engineering resources on a retainer model. Think of it like a fractional purchase, sort of like a timeshare. For example, you commit to buying 40 hrs/mon for a 12 month period and we’ll commit our engineering team to deliver those hours, from the same developer, for a known price.

  • Less risk and less work
    There's no debate that hiring is hard and hiring several people that work well together even more so. By working with us you'll be working with a team that's successfully shipped product together.
  • Pay for what you need
    You might not have enough work to keep a full time developer completely utilized, so this model allows you to flexibly scale engineering resources up or down.
  • A deep bench
    Have a project that needs deep frontend skills? With a staffing firm you would only get access to a single developer and need to add staff if you needed a broader skill set. With us, your lead developer will be able to tap the resources of the entire firm.
  • A familiar face
    With a platform like Upwork, or a staffing firm, after a project ends your resource transitions off, and you'll lose the institutional knowledge and experience they gained. At Setfive, that’s not the case because the same team will be tackling projects, even months apart.
  • You have custom software written in PHP, Java, or JavaScript and need a team to help maintain and extend it.
  • You have AWS cloud infrastructure and need a team to help maintain and extend it.
  • You're working with a team of engineers but they need help tackling a project.

Not sure if we can help? Contact us to chat and we'll figure it out.