This is our bread and butter. Our comfort food. The proverbial meat and potatoes. We specialize in building B2B products and tools that are used by both internal and external stakeholders. The products and tools that we build that are typically associated with software-as-a-service (SaaS) companies like Salesforce and HubSpot.

Examples of what we've built include a content platform for a healthcare company, web reporting tools for a financial technology company, and an advertising platform for an advertising company. Head over to Case Studies to read more.

Plenty of folks can build cool demos, but you need a team to successfully build and launch a software product. The Setfive team is special because:

  • Our team has successfully shipped dozens of products which eliminates the risk of us not working well together. This track record is proof that we deliver as a team.
  • We love getting "in the weeds" to learn about different industries so that we can provide relevant feedback for your project.
  • Everyone on our team is a full stack engineer and client facing, so you'll interface directly with who is doing the work.
  • We never outsource or subcontract work. Everything is built and shipped by engineers in Cambridge, MA.

Is your team burning valuable time doing repetitive, easy to automate tasks? Probably.

If two of your team spend 5 hours a week filling out web forms, that's 20 hrs/wk they could get back and use for other priorities.

We've worked with:

  • An advertising agency automate the generation of "end of campaign" reports.
  • A regulatory consulting company to automatically check for data as it's published.
  • A market research company to automate checking weather and pollen data for research cities.
Au revoir

Running your business on Excel is fine when it's just you. But with a team of 10 people? It’s time to upgrade.

Building custom SaaS tools introduces multi-user capabilities, security, and enforceable processes and policies.

We've worked with:

  • A marketing company to build a platform to manage and track their campaigns.
  • A special needs learning company to formalize how reviews are conducted.
  • A business consulting company to "productize" their consulting offering.
the competition

How can you get ahead if you’re using the same tools as your competition?

By building custom tools you'll have unparalleled control over their features, and be able to use them to introduce tangible business advantages.

We've worked with:

  • A market research company to build a custom CRM to manage their panel participants.
  • A agency to build an interactive site for one of their publishing clients.
  • A creative agency to build tools to grow and strengthen their network.

OK, cool! But how do we get started? It’s actually surprisingly simple. If you already have a software or data project that you are looking to pursue, we will work with you to estimate how many engineering hours it will take. Followed by an hours/month agreement that fits your needs.

Unsure what to build or what can be built? No problem! Our team can spend 3-5 hours researching your business, chatting with your team, and coming up with a list of what we perceive as high value projects. These projects can range from simple "easy wins" ie. a Chrome Extension, to more ambitious ones like custom SaaS products.

We will make it clear how much effort is required for each project and then we can make a decision on how many hours/mon well be required to meet your goals. Pricing is always simple and transparent at ($200/hr).