The cloud. Of course, you’ve seen the TV ads for Amazon Web Services (AWS) during football commercials, on billboards at the airport, and in thought pieces on LinkedIn. But is your business taking full advantage of what the cloud has to offer? Maybe not. Well don’t fret, we’re here to help! We can help out in different ways depending how deeply you've adopted cloud technologies.

We'd love to introduce you two! We've helped companies migrate from traditional data centers to AWS as well as from legacy hosting providers to AWS. Cost and access to enterprise services are the two most important benefits associated with migrating to an AWS based infrastructure.

Companies can avoid high up-front hardware capital costs on AWS because of the "pay for what you use" model. They can also benefit from high resource utilization by allocating only the resources their using and removing resources they aren't - no paying for idle servers! Another benefit of AWS is access to a suite of enterprise services which allow businesses to focus on what they're good at, instead of on software services or infrastructure.

Don't worry. We've been there! We've seen other companies struggling, and we've helped them end the struggle. We're equally happy to help with strategic choices around how to architect solutions as well as tactical decisions like which configuration management tool to use. We also have experience helping engineering teams nail the "ops" in DevOps to enable CI/CD pipelines. Work with us to accelerate how fast your team can ship features.

You can think of us as sherpas as it relates to the cloud and DevOps. We've climbed the mountain, we've helped other folks find their way up the mountain, and we're here to help figure out what works for you.