The Transformation of Transportation

A Collection of Bluebikes Data Over the Past Eight Years

Bluebikes are a very popular and affordable way to commute around the Greater Boston area. The Bluebikes system recently surpassed 10 million trips. This method of transportation services over 2,500 bikes, more than 260 stations, and 4 municipalities. The pricing plans are one of Bluebikes major selling points. Any single trip / one-way ride costs $2.50, an unlimited access to 2-hour rides in a 24-hour period (an adventure pass) is $10, and unlimited 45-minute rides are $99 a year. Bluebikes can be used with three simple steps. First, you download the Bluebikes mobile app to unlock a bike at any station, then, you ride the bike to any desired location in the city, lastly, you return and lock your bike at any station to complete your journey.

Bluebikes were introduced to Metro-Boston in 2011. We thought it would be interesting to examine if, and how, Bluebikes data has evolved over the past 8 years. To measure the popularity of trips and destinations, we tracked every single Bluebikes trip leaving each station. While more bikes and stations have been added over time, we divided the 280+ stations into 31 neighborhoods to assess which subsections of the city were more frequently tread on Bluebikes. To measure and present this data, we have created a series of graphs to display the trips Bluebikes have taken, from each neighborhood, each year. Check out our slides below to evaluate how the Bluebikes routes, from neighborhoods of Boston, have transformed over time.